Exclusion Clause

We the FemRef-Team try to provide a varied program that shows, supports, and provides a space for lots of different ways of life, love and being. Some events are informational, some are discussion based, some are there for you to find a place of reciprocity or trying out new things.

We want our events to be respectful and open-minded spaces with good communication and discussion culture but had to come face to face with the fact that this mindset might not be everyone’s. So, we’d like to clarify for all what already might be apparent:

We as a Team have and will administrate the domestic authority if a person is actively participating in discriminatory behavior against anyone else in attendance or has done so in the past. We won’t tolerate homophobic, sexist, transphobic, antiziganist, racist, ableist, antisemitic, conspiracy ideological beliefs or other forms of discrimination or hate speech. We will exclude anyone who has (neo) fascistic beliefs or ties to organizations and/or political parties from participating in our events. Furthermore, we want to practice good communication and discussion culture. Which means any aggressive behavior in speech or otherwise, sexist or discriminatory statements, self-satisfied or other uncalled lecturing are not wanted.