You’re looking for a specific book to write an assignment and need some other books then the one’s at the uni library? You want to have a look at some queer_feminist fiction? You want to host a cozy movie night but you don’t want to watch that Ben Stiller romance one? You don’t want to spend a fortune on non-fiction titles at the book store or not even finding anything at all?

Lucky you! We have a big variety of non-fiction titles covering, magazines, DVDs (documentaries, drama, comedy, sex_ed_films, etc.), comics and graphic novels, fiction titles, zines and brochures on queer_feminist topics.

Most of our inventory can be found via the ORBIS-catalogue. Don’t be confused if it states the books can’t be lend out – because they certainly can be. If you’ve found a book in the ORBIS-catalogue and want to lend it out it’s best to note down the authors name and the books title. We can use that info to track down the book in out library more easily. It’s best if you write a mail to us first and let us know which book or other medium you want to take home. Or you can just pay us a visit in one of our office hours, have a look for yourself and get some more books at the feminist library directly. You can also have a read in our fiction titles and graphic novels at the UFO.

If you need a specific book just let us know!

The FemLib-Team is looking forward to seeing you!