Door Policy

As you may have noticed, some of our events, especially workshops, are only for women, lesbians, inter- and non-binary people, trans and agender people (WLINTA+ for short). That is, they are open to all except endo cis men.

It is our understanding that WLINTA+ persons experience various forms of discrimination. Whether it is sexism, misogyny, cis-sexism, lesbophobia, or even trans-inter and non-binary hostility. For many WLINTA+ individuals, this means that they have limited or no access to different spaces. In addition, endo cis men have access to most (social) spaces and events – which, due to patriarchal social structures, sometimes means discomfort, tension or insecurity for many WLINTA+ persons. It is also important for us to create spaces that make it possible to free oneself from certain social structures for a short time, or at least to “ignore” them for a short time.

If events are only for WLINTA+, we always point this out at the beginning of the event. We don’t do door controls or anything else, because you can’t read affiliations directly that way.

Marginalized people can also reproduce discriminatory structures, which we do not tolerate. Discriminatory, assaulting behavior can lead to exclusion from events for ALL people, regardless of their own classifications. You can find more information in our exclusion clause.

If you are unsure about events, you can always visit us in our office hours, write to us or come to the plenum.